The Rotor Fabrik modular temporary wall system looks ten times more professional and is four times faster to put up than the traditional drywall. Whatever you need, we got you covered. Temporary walls, construction walls, barricades, and partition walls, we got it all. The Rotor Fabrik modular system is sturdy, long-lasting, lightweight, easy to move and break down. You just tell us how you want it and we will take care of the rest (we even cover you in case of any sort of damage with the help of our partner).

But with our temporary walls, the contractors can build the barricade walls, take them down and then use them again. Some Rotor Fabrik users still use the same temporary walls they bought ten years ago! You can use our temporary walls anywhere you like too as they can withstand any climatic conditions. Additionally, they can be used as barricade systems for different projects. These include shopping centers, office buildings, airports, bus stations, museums, trade shows, and other public places.


Our walls can be easily deployed in a matter of hours without awkward and costly construction. And needless to mention, they are environmentally friendly. They are 100% recyclable and they don’t leave behind any debris when pulling them down. Since they are reusable you will not spend half the amount you spent on buying dry walls, and you can easily set them up for your next project. We can even help you to get the walls on a loan.

Another thing that makes our temporary wall great is the fact that these construction temporary walls can be adjusted to fit any situation and configuration. They come with lightweight aluminum framing which makes them very easy to adjust and set up. You can also incorporate doors in the barricades to make the set up even more secure.

Display Exhibition

The Alusett is located in the USA, they provide you with: custom trade show exhibits, booths, trade show displays exhibition, exhibit displays, showrooms, modular displays partition and kiosks. The panels are resistant to dirt and scratches because of their matte finish. Also, they are made of high-quality alloyed aluminum, which provides stability, durability and creates a long-lasting life for your exhibit displays and decorations (as seen here).  They work well for all different markets, industries, and a wide range of products (we have had clients use them who sell very niche products, such as xxxl hats for big heads to huge companies like Hewlett Packard use them).

Just send in your drawings and we will take care of the rest at info@alusett.com

Deck System

The Top Deck Systems provide you with a two-story exhibit made of high-quality aluminum at a lower cost. Their double-deck exhibits are completely flexible and reusable, easy to put up and you don’t need high-priced labor. You can also reconfigure your design with the same components to create a different design, shape, or size. We also provide Portable Drill Services.

Just give us a call at 1 (800) 434 0444 or visit this link for marketing assistance: https://www.viccatalfamomarketing.com/  


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