Acne Prevention

How to Prevent Acne Scars


Image result for hair growthEarly and proper treatment of acne is the best way to prevent scarring. Patients who do not treat their acne in the first 3 years have a greater chance to have scars. Stop acne before they produce scars!

In some cases, taking oral antibiotics such as one of the oral tetracycline can not only control the nodules under the skin, but also help prevent the more noticeable post-inflammatory hyperventilation (PIP) and the more problematical hypertrophic scars and keloid.

Stop Picking!

Acne, pimples, and zits are so tempting to pick and squeeze. Some people even use their fingernails and pins which can only cause permanent damage to the skin.

Another drawback of picking and squeezing is that it will irritate the surrounding skin and trigger new eruptions. Remember, the more inflammation you create, the more likely you are to scar. Treat your acne properly and acne scars will not be your issue